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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Quote from my Grandfather "Don't wait til your thirsty to start digging the well."

Question of the day - Why is abbreviated such a long word?

On this Mothers Day, when we honor the sacrifices made by our Mom's in making us who we are, I cannot help but consider how Mothers are treated in some cultures. I noted that in Pakistan, a Mother and her teenage daughter were ordered raped by a Muslim tribal court, for transgressions committed by a male family member. The gang rape was committed by the male members of another family who felt they had been 'dishonored'. Neither the Mother nor her daughter were in any way associated with this 'matter of honor', but they suffered the punishment. Respect for other cultures is part and parcel of the American ideal, but that does not mean that all aspects of other cultures are equal to our own. Neither does it mean that all aspects of other cultures should be emulated in America. I guess honor has a very different meaning in Pakistan than it does in the United States.

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