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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Quote From My Grandfather - "Climb the hill now. Waiting will not make it smaller."

Question of the day - What happens if you are scared half to death - twice?

Let me be honest here. I am an American of Irish descent, who is a practicing Roman Catholic. I am NOT an Irish-American, as I was not born in Ireland, but rather in Cleveland. I am not an Irish-Catholic, as the two are not automatically inclusive. I do not think there is a God, I KNOW there is a God, and I can only hope that God believes in me. That being said, I have a serious question.

Who Stole My Church?

I was raised in an environment that drew comfort from going to a Sunday service that had remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Tradition was celebrated, rather than ignored.
Priests looked like priests, and Nuns looked like nuns.
Respect for anyone in religious life, whether a Priest, Nun, Minister, Rabbi or any other title, was expected, and disrespect was not tolerated.
The Catholic Church, and especially the Pope, held the moral high ground on many issues, through it's clear understanding of the teachings of Christ.
There was no moral ambiguity in my Church. Right was Right, and Wrong was Wrong.

Today, the Cardinal most often identified as nearly destoying the Church in Boston through his criminal handling and protection of abusive priests , and who resigned in disgrace, is now rewarded by the Vatican with a promotion to a position in Rome. What a terrific example of moral accountability.
A Vatican spokesman equates the Iraq prison debacle with the truely horrific atrocities commited by the former Iraqi leadership.
There is no Vatican voice questioning the moral standards of the Islamic jihadists who shot four little Jewish girls in the head at point blank range, the youngest just two years old. They also put several extra bullets into their mother's abdomin to insure that her unborn 8 month old child would also die.
I have not heard the Pope speak about the torture and mutilation of unarmed prisoners held by Muslim terrorists in Iraq, and other Islamic nations.
My own diocese sponsors anti-war seminars and demonstrations protesting American involvement in the War on Terror, but has yet to protest the murder, expulsion and enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Christian and Animist Sudanese by the Muslim majority in that sad country, often with assitance by the Sudanese Islamic government.
Where is the moral leadership of the Church when it comes to dealing with supposed Catholics who support abortion, the killing of the innocents? When will the Church say if you support abortion, you are NOT a Catholic?

I may sound bitter, but in fact, I am just sorely disappointed. I miss the days when my Church was not influenced by political correctness, and secular viewpoints. I want to know who stole the Catholic Church I knew as a child. And I want to know when it will be returned.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Granpa's Quote "Be wary of anyone who claims to be an expert. The Titanic was built by experts, while the Ark was built by amateurs."

Question for today "What happens if you are scared half to death - TWICE."

Why American English is hard to learn - If the plural of tooth is teeth, shouldn't the plural of booth be beeth?

I am a bit tired of hearing professional athletes referred to as heros, or their activities on the field called heroic. For the most part, these are adults being paid incredible amounts of money for playing what are mostly children's games. While entertaining, and in many cases, a showcase for dedication and skill to an endeavor, their activites are hardly heroic. I believe sports are an important element of American life, but it has attained an importance far beyond what it deserves. To use heroic in reference to athletes, or to listen to athletes describe their activites in military terms such as "battle" is to demean the word hero, and cheapen it's proper use.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Quote from my Grandfather "Don't wait til your thirsty to start digging the well."

Question of the day - Why is abbreviated such a long word?

On this Mothers Day, when we honor the sacrifices made by our Mom's in making us who we are, I cannot help but consider how Mothers are treated in some cultures. I noted that in Pakistan, a Mother and her teenage daughter were ordered raped by a Muslim tribal court, for transgressions committed by a male family member. The gang rape was committed by the male members of another family who felt they had been 'dishonored'. Neither the Mother nor her daughter were in any way associated with this 'matter of honor', but they suffered the punishment. Respect for other cultures is part and parcel of the American ideal, but that does not mean that all aspects of other cultures are equal to our own. Neither does it mean that all aspects of other cultures should be emulated in America. I guess honor has a very different meaning in Pakistan than it does in the United States.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

This log will contain thoughts on the week's news, with commentary and some questions. I am a great believer in my Grandfather's wisdom, and will sometimes quote him.

The quote from Grandpa today is "Neither Common Sense Nor Common Courtesy Are Common".

There will be no name calling, vulgarity, or hate speech or rumor mongering.

Serious question for today. Has the 9/11 Commission lost it's credibility due to the partisanship of both Liberal and Conservative members?

Unfathomable question of the day. Why does sour cream have an expiration date, since it is already sour?

Iraq question of the day. During the active combat period of the war, we all saw many images of warehouses, barracks, schools, hospitals and other buildings that were loaded floor to ceiling with cases of arms. Rifles, RPG's grenades, and ammunition were all clearly marked. Many of these were marked as delivery to Jordan. The United States provides substantial foreign aid to The Hashemite Kingdon of Jordan. Did the American taxpayer pay for the very weapons that were used to kill United States military personnel? If so, why is this not an issue with either the News Media, or our government? Or am I the only one who noticed the delivery information on thoses thousands of cases?

I do not have the answers, only the questions.

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