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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

This log will contain thoughts on the week's news, with commentary and some questions. I am a great believer in my Grandfather's wisdom, and will sometimes quote him.

The quote from Grandpa today is "Neither Common Sense Nor Common Courtesy Are Common".

There will be no name calling, vulgarity, or hate speech or rumor mongering.

Serious question for today. Has the 9/11 Commission lost it's credibility due to the partisanship of both Liberal and Conservative members?

Unfathomable question of the day. Why does sour cream have an expiration date, since it is already sour?

Iraq question of the day. During the active combat period of the war, we all saw many images of warehouses, barracks, schools, hospitals and other buildings that were loaded floor to ceiling with cases of arms. Rifles, RPG's grenades, and ammunition were all clearly marked. Many of these were marked as delivery to Jordan. The United States provides substantial foreign aid to The Hashemite Kingdon of Jordan. Did the American taxpayer pay for the very weapons that were used to kill United States military personnel? If so, why is this not an issue with either the News Media, or our government? Or am I the only one who noticed the delivery information on thoses thousands of cases?

I do not have the answers, only the questions.

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