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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The looming arguments regarding the naming of a replacement on the Supreme Court for retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor reminded me that the other woman on the Court is Ruth Bader-Ginsberg. Justice Ginsberg’s main qualification for being named to the Supreme Court appears to be her work as an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Add to that the possibility (probability) of Justice Rehnquist retiring, and the naming of replacements becomes an even more urgent topic. This led me to begin thinking about some of the main issues that the Supremes will be considering over the next few years. A number of these issues will of course be brought before the Court as a result of suits brought by the ACLU. As in the past, I am sure Justice Ginsberg will not recuse herself from considering these issues, despite her past association as an employee of the ACLU. The final point in this train of thought brought me to the ACLU itself, and what role it plays today. My association as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America has given me some insight into the agenda of the ACLU, and I thought I would share these thoughts.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the ACLU and other advocacy groups who protect us from such divisive influences as God, Religion, and The Boy Scouts of America.

Most recently, with another victory in their Campaign against the Boy Scouts, the ACLU and their allies have cited both the Scout Oath, which includes the phrase “Duty to God and my Country”, and their policy of excluding openly homosexual persons from serving in Unit Leadership roles, as reasons to censure and limit Scout activities. These obvious prejudices, although apparent to the Progressives, may not raise to a fever pitch the citizens of the Red States. To aid them in their quest to rid America of the subversive messages spread by organizations such as the Boy Scouts, I think they can use the following to bolster their arguments that this organization must be immediately restricted, if not stamped out.

Several years ago, the polling firm of Lou Harris and Assoc, one of the oldest and most respected pollsters in the country, conducted a survey entitled “Values of Men and Boys in America”. They surveyed four groups. Male adults who had been in Scouting as boys, male adults who had never been Scouts, Scout age boys who were in Scouting, and Scout aged boys who had never been in Scouting. Some of the results of this survey are as follows.

77% of the boys in Scouting said they had learned the value of Honesty from Scouting.
76% of the boys in Scouting responded that they had learned Teamwork in Scouting.
72% of the boys in Scouting stated they had learned or reinforced their Respect for Life and Property from Scouting
70 % of the Boys indicated they had developed or increased their Self-Confidence from Scouting.

Honesty, Teamwork, Respect and Self-Confidence are certainly things that should not be taught to our children. They have successfully been banished from our schools, and now the fight must be carried out to the Non Governmental Organizations. But wait, there is even more evidence of the agenda espoused by this organization which is attempting to influence our youth.

Among the adults surveyed who had been Scouts when young, the following questionable behaviors were established, which have carried over into adulthood.

88% of the men said they learned the value of working with others to accomplish goals.
85% said they learned how to set goals, and plan actions to accomplish them.
80% stated they developed an awareness of health and fitness habits which they still followed.
87% responded that they participated in learning activities that led to career choices, hobbies, or other activities that they still participated in as adults.
79% said that Scouting had a positive influence on their family lives as youths, and impacted their families today as adults, spouses and parents.

Again, those troublesome behaviors such as Teamwork, Accomplishment, Health and Family Values which still influence these men years after their Scouting experience.

The final measurement of the undue influence Scouting has had on our society can be illustrated by showing the disparity of the lives of men who were Scouts, and those who were not.

98% of the men who were Scouts had graduated from High School, while 83% of the non-Scouting adults had High School Diplomas.
40% of the former Scouts had graduated from College, while 16% of the non-Scouting men had College Degrees.
33% of the men who had been Scouts earned in excess of $50,000 per year, while 17% of the non-Scout adults were in that salary range.

Most disturbing of all is this. Although former Scouts comprise about 10% of the adult male population, 70% of the men in “Who’s Who In America” are former Scouts.

This organization is obviously unfair, as it produces citizens who not only believe in God and Country, but refuse to accept mediocrity in themselves and others. They actually espouse notions that with hard work, education and strong family and social values, people can succeed without Government help.

We are urged to dig deep in our pockets and support the ACLU in their fight to purge the influence of this bigoted, hateful group, and ban them from any visibility in American culture. The success of the Campaigns to eliminate Christ from Christmas, and God from Government should illustrate that these goals can be met.

Besides, the ACLU needs the money to help in their support for the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). The ACLU is defending the right of this organization to run a web site advocating pedophilia, including how to target and seduce children. Since the ACLU is providing this valuable service for free, there is a need for financial support to continue the Campaigns against God, Christianity, Values, Family, and all of the other threats to a progressive, secular country.

Tom Glennon

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