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Tuesday, July 18, 2006



The ongoing Israeli response to the continual attacks by Hezbollah has caused the left wing apologists in the United States and the anti-Semitic leadership and media in Europe to demand a cease fire by Israel, while claiming that the Israeli response is “disproportionate”. Forgotten is the fact that Israel, at the request of the United Nations, withdrew from the buffer zone in southern Lebanon, while the UN did nothing to stop Hezbollah from moving into the area, effectively taking control of southern Lebanon. The United Nations, European Union, and other enablers did nothing to implement the UN resolution demanding that Hezbollah disarm. No one took any action to stop Syria from importing Iranian weapons, and then shipping them to Hezbollah. They couldn’t even bring themselves to criticize Hezbollah for six years of firing almost daily rocket attacks into civilian areas of Israel. The upshot is that Israel has decided to clean out the rats nest on their own, after the recent significant increase in deadly attacks by the terrorists in this noxious organization.

If we, as Americans, had any sense of loyalty to our own dead and crippled, we would be cheering Israel for taking this long overdue action, while offering any assistance they may request. Regardless of your feelings about any other policy or position taken by Israel, and whether or not you agree with the U.S government’s ongoing support of Israel, this particular action should instill a feeling of gratitude by us toward Israel. And if you have to ask why, then you have forgotten, like many other Americans, who it is that is being targeted by the Israeli armed forces. Allow me to remind you.

April 18, 1983 – Hezbollah terrorists bombed the United States Embassy in Beirut. Sixty three people were murdered, including 17 Americans, and hundreds wounded or crippled. May I point out that an Embassy is the sovereign territory of the nation it represents. Therefore, attacking an embassy is an act of war.

October 23, 1983 – The United States Marine barracks in Beirut was bombed by Hezbollah. Two hundred and twenty Marines, eighteen Naval personnel, and three Army soldiers were murdered that day, and another 60 were wounded or crippled.

June 25, 1996 – The Khobar Towers residence, housing United States military personnel in Saudi Arabia, was bombed by Hezbollah. Nineteen Air Force personnel were murdered, and three hundred and seventy two were wounded or crippled.

Hezbollah has also been implicated in the targeted murders of other Americans in the Middle East. If they were a nation, we would have every right to declare war on them. However, we follow the rule of law, while Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations do not. We must understand that Hezbollah is to Lebanon what Al-Qaida was to Afghanistan. They have suborned the government, intimidated the Lebanese populace and military, and have been the de-facto rulers of southern Lebanon for six years. That they are a threat to Israel should be obvious. That they are also a threat to America has been forgotten.

Those who say this is not our fight, and Israel should show “restraint”, have a severe case of selective memory. Hezbollah has murdered no less than two hundred and seventy- seven Americans, and wounded or crippled more than four hundred and thirty others. It seems to me that Israel is doing what we should have done twenty-three years ago. Instead of condemnation, we should be sending the Israeli Defense Forces Thank-You cards.

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