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Sunday, November 02, 2008



So, what can I expect from an Obama Presidency, a Reid Senate, and a Pelosi House?

The elimination of the Bush tax cuts will immediately raise my income taxes by 24 percent. This increase will impact our household income, based on my wife’s salary, and my retirement pension.

The Obama tax plan will increase the number of working people who don’t pay income taxes from 35 percent to almost 45 percent.

The promised 25 percent cut in defense spending will put our nation at risk.

Energy costs will skyrocket with the implementation of ‘cap and trade’. The coal industry will be bankrupted.

A private army, answerable only to President Obama and outside of constitutional constraints, will be created.

Abortions will increase dramatically as a result of the ‘free choice act’.

Non union workers will lose their right to a secret ballot when voting on unionization, leaving them open to intimidation, threats, and physical harm with the ‘card check’ act.

The proposed hate crime laws will eliminate free speech in our houses of worship.

Medical care will be distributed and rationed by unelected bureaucrats, rather than medical professionals.

The ‘fairness doctrine’ will monitor free speech, and squelch dissenting voices. Criticism of the administration will result in legal threats, investigations, and official harassment.

The Supreme Court will be packed with judges who do not have any respect for the Constitution, as personal agendas will be acceptable.

The President will ignore Constitutional constraints and responsibilities, as he believes it is “fundamentally flawed”.

Gun owners will be restricted in what they may purchase, and the type of ammunition they can use. Home owners will be criminally charged if they use a firearm to defend their family or property. Gun manufacturers will be driven out of business through new taxes and restrictions. Legal gun owners will eventually have their firearms confiscated, as we saw in New Orleans, Washington and Chicago.

Radio stations that criticize the administration will lose their FCC licenses.

I wish I was making these up, but each of my comments is the result of listening to Barack Obama statements, reading his writings, or watching how his campaign staff acts. In other words, there is documentation for each of the statements I have made.

When asked why he would not quit his basic training in “An Officer and a Gentleman”, Richard Gere famously replied “I got nowhere else to go”. America has been the world’s last, best hope for over 230 years. I fear that is about to change. Will my grandsons grow up in the freedom I have enjoyed, or will America fundamentally change? I hope not, because I too have nowhere else to go.

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