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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



There is no doubt that language, and its usage, can be a highly effective tool to affect both perception and attitudes among people. Inspiring language can impel the listener to do things that would normally be beyond their capability. Depressing speech can cause those who are easily influenced to develop negative feelings that can have a disastrous impact on a variety of activities.

The movement to instill politically correct language on America has reached a stage where most of us need to realize the true agenda of the progressives who are foisting these speech patterns on us. The actual aim of this devaluing of speech is to redefine Americans into Europeans, so that like so many of our European cousins we can no longer distinguish between right and wrong, or good and evil.

The term Illegal Alien is now a big no-no. We are to use the term Undocumented Workers. But what are we to call those who are here illegally to commit crimes, obtain free medical services, or free education? Many news services now refer to terrorists as dissidents, militants, and even (God help us all) freedom fighters. The mobs of Muslim youths in France, when torching an average of 100 cars per day, were characterized in the media as disenfranchised youth. By the way, the nightly car burnings continue in France. It is now so routine that the press doesn’t even bother to report it anymore.

If we carry this to its logical conclusion, I guess we should get used to the following.

Drug dealers will now be referred to as unlicensed pharmacists.

Suicide bombers will henceforth be called actively involved demolition experts.

Child molesters will be pitied as they are sexually dysfunctional at a chronological level.

Bank robbers will become income redistribution enablers.

Kidnappers would be unauthorized temporary daycare providers.

Vandalism, rather than being a crime, will be celebrated as freeform artistic expression.

Carjackers will soon become involuntary automotive distributors.

Street gang thugs will be referred to as disadvantaged youths. Oh wait, that has already happened.

My Grandfather said that seventy-five was the perfect age for a person to exercise free speech. At that age, he said, one could say anything to anyone and get away with it. Even if people disagreed with or were offended by the statement, an age related excuse could always be thrown out to mitigate what was said, and it would soon be forgotten or forgiven. I can’t wait until I hit seventy-five, so I don’t have to worry about political correctness.

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