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Wednesday, September 28, 2011



I am not sure how this happened. I don’t know when it happened. I am unaware of what I did to have this happen. But I am now considered by many of my countrymen, and by my government, an enemy of the state.

An enemy of the United States of America. Me. An enemy of the state.

At the age of 66, the very principles that I have believed in my entire life have led me to be labeled an enemy. After working more than 50 years, paying taxes, raising my five children, spending thousands of hours volunteering with various organizations, and obeying all of the laws that applied to me (with an occasional lapse with regard to speed limits), I have lost my status as a citizen of the country in which I was born. How did this happen? Apparently, it happened because I believe in the fundamental principles upon which my country was founded.

Since I do not believe in the progressive agenda of the President, he has labeled me a bitter man, clinging to my guns and my bible.

Since I believe that all foreign nationals who enter the United States should do so legally, with proper documentation, the President has said that I am the enemy, and must be punished.

When I and others objected to the 870 billion dollar “Stimulus” legislation, the President said that I should move to the back of the bus.

As a person who disagrees with abortion on demand, am a member of the National Rifle Association, and believe that all elected officials must adhere to the Constitution of the United States, the Secretary of Homeland Security, appointed by the President, has identified me as a potential domestic terrorist.

The Congressional Black Caucus, of which the President was a member when in the Senate, has called me a racist who wants to see Black Americans hanging from trees.

The Vice President has called me a terrorist, as I agree with the limited government objectives of the Tea Party protesters.

The Vice President has also called me a barbarian, because I believe in the free market system of American capitalism.

The President of the Teamsters Union, speaking from the same podium as the President, has called me a Son of a Bitch, and the Chairperson of the President’s party agreed.

While the former Chief of Staff to the President did not call me a terrorist, he did say that if I disagreed with the President, I must be retarded.

When I urged my State’s representatives in Congress to defeat the bill raising the debt ceiling, because of the phony spending reductions included, I was called a hijacker by members of the President‘s party, intent on destroying the economy of the nation.

Democratic members of Congress, presidential advisers, and liberal pundits have all agreed that I only oppose the policies of the President because he is Black, and I am therefore a racist.

The Attorney General of the United States, appointed by the President, has called me a coward.

Because I agree with the Tea Party agenda of limited government and reduced government spending, I am labeled a radical extremist by members of the President’s staff, as well as Democratic members of Congress.

Because I have deep religious convictions, I have been classified as a fringe voter, intent on making America a Theocracy.

When my parent’s generation went to war, they were called patriots and heroes. When my generation went to war, we were called baby killers and war criminals. Apparently, the definition of the citizen soldier had changed. When the Founders and their supporters outlined the ideas for a new form of government, they were considered traitors and enemies of the state by the King of England, but referred to as heroes by succeeding generations of their fellow Americans. 236 years later, because I revere the ideals they espoused, I have now become an enemy of the state. I guess the definition has changed, because I certainly haven’t.

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